Comes to life every year in the Arctic Ocean. For a month, it serves as the main research and tourism base in the Arctic — the closest island of civilization to the North Pole.
Head of the Polus Expeditionary Center, polar aviation navigator
Operational director of the Barneo Camp, editor in chief of Kajut-Compania magazine
Barneo Station Tourist Registration Coordinator
Alexander Orlov
Irina Orlova
Margarita Tertitskaya
Dmitry Mamadaliyev
Head of the Research Base
The most experienced head of the camp, working at Barneo since 2003
Chief expedition leader
Mechanic in charge of all technical operations of the camp
Oleg Gordichuk
Victor Serov
Denis Bogdanov
Stas Boyarsky
Drifting station doctor
Deputy head of Barneo Station
Deputy head of Barneo Station
Head of the aircraft programs of Arctic expeditions, world record holder
Alexander Orlov, Jr.
Sergey Orlov
Yevgeny Bakalov
Alexey Budnitsky
Skydiving instructor
Barneo's resident photographer and artist
Skydiving expert and Russian record-holder in big-way formation skydiving
Sergey Panteleev
Dmitry Glagolev